Deletions from & Coming Additions to My Blog

I just deleted some way-too-long blogs on “Works of the Flesh versus Fruit of the Spirit” and on “The Gifts of the Spirit.” They were posted as a way of getting reading material to members of a class I taught on that during April–May. When I first posted, I hadn’t yet figured out how to upload a document to my site, which is a more appropriate way to distribute long-form content.

Beginning Saturday, May 1st, I’ll begin reposting that content in daily postings instead of one huge chunk at a time. We’ll be restarting the clock on “Works of the Flesh” and then after few days, on “Fruit of the Spirit,” and then on “Gifts of the Spirit.” This will run for the next couple months or so, depending upon how much I add to what I already have written.

If you want the material on the Gifts in long-form, you can get it here. And if you want the workbook, it’s also there in my blog’s Documents directory.


Author: Dale A. Brueggemann

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