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Advent: Wednesday of First Week

Where did anyone get the idea that Isaiah was a cheerful gospeler?

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Advent: First Sunday

Advent readings open with Isaiah’s warning for rebellious Judah and Jerusalem (Isa 1:1-31) and then introduce the Lord’s future reign as a time of reckoning for their pagan ways (Isa 2). Only this reckoning for the house of God could prepare it to serve as a blessing to the nations, for which Abraham’s offspring were called in the first place (Gen 12:1-3).

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Fasting on Zion and throughout Nineveh

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Spring up, O well!

A meditation on the Israelites’ celebration, “Spring up, O well!” (Num 21:10-18)

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Trinitarian Spirit: Old Testament

A blog in a series on Pneumatology, in this case treating the third person of the Godhead in the Old Testament. This is part of the opening series of blogs on the Trinity.

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Adam, Eve, and Seed of the Woman

First and Final Adam Adam was God’s created “image and likeness” (Gen 1:26–28) who foreshadowed Jesus Christ “the exact likeness of God” (2 Cor 4:4)…

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The Child of Christmas Morn (Psalm 2)

A homiletical reflection on Psalm 2 in connection with the Advent season.

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Wisdom from Chrysostom

Chrysostom De incomp. 7:6

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John Chrysostom
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A foretaste of Christmas

Jesus erased the curse, he triumphed over death, he opened paradise. He struck down sin, he opened wide the vaults of the sky…

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Defining the Big Picture (Part 3)

Blog 3 of 3 on “Defining the Big Picture” of biblical theology by Christological exposition, focusing on how the OT looks forward to Christ.

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